Pricing and Vehicle Information

Our prices have remained competitive since Vintage Car Rentals inception but as insurance and licensing costs escalate, it is impossible to set a price now, which will remain in place for years.

In 1991, we were able to offer 3 cars for 3 hours at around $700. Today, it is closer to $1500. This price includes the driver, white ribbons and drinks at the photos.

Our cars really are different to ordinary hire cars. They feel different to ride in and are a cut above the rest for your photos, yet our pricing today remains competitive.

Let us quote you on your requirements. Note, when you book 2 or 3 cars or more, a discount applies after the first car; and we cater for longer wedding and those interstate.

Our fleet changes from time to time as cars are bought or sold and we do keep a few cars in reserve for use on a limited basis.

Some of our cars are available for weekend weddings only. Some are available for weddings on any day, as well as school formals and special occasions.

Please phone or email if you have a question that is not covered on this website.